Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rut City

I'm in a rut, style wise.

I have no need to buy clothes anymore since at school, I would just get paint on them, or graphite from hours spent drafting, but also, I have no desire to put the money there. Money is for the aforemetnioned books and graphite.

But reading one of my favorite blogs, frugal fashonista, I realized "I can do this!"

I have all of the things I would need to pull this off! The sweater, the pants, the flats, and all of a sudden, a new lease on my look without dropping coin.

I love when that happens.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank You Healthcare!

So my healthcare is changing due to the fact that I'm once again a student. December was filled with every doctor appointment I could think of and going over my existing benefits with a fine tooth comb, since who knows what the next plan will offer or how much it will cost me.

But one positive was making use of my $300 hardware credit on my vision plan. When I graduated from college, the only thing I wanted as a gift was freedom from contacts. Since the 5th grade I have worn contacts and before that, glasses (although those were shortlived, I'm not cut out for specs). By 22, my sight had gotten bad enough that I was nervous about losing a contact, the results would be too disastrous. So when the opportunity presented itself, one of the best surgeons in Seattle gave me the gift of sight, 17 seconds on one eye, 19 seconds on the other.

And voila, 20/15 vision for the girl who was almost legally blind. And now, I have a medical reason for still needing to take care of my eyes and it doesn't include coke-bottle lenses.

It includes these:

"Opthamological Grade" Fendi sunglasses. Brought to me by my favorite "preferred provider."

I didn't need another pair of sunglasses, but would you turn down the chance of getting your money back in the form of lightweight tortoise sunglasses that cover just enough of your face to feel mysterious, but not so much that you feel like a poser?

I didn't think so.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I know...

I went on an unintentional break. I was MIA and I gotta say, I kind of loved it. But I'm back and hopefully better than ever. Probably not though, sorry. Can't dream too big.

I don't know what happened, but with the end of the year and a ton of holiday hooplah, I just checked out. It wasn't helped by my utter lack of inspiration and creativity. Is it just me, or is stuff not so interesting right now? The new House Beautiful? Blah. The new Elle Decor? Yeah, it was all right I guess... But here I am, attempting to make a go of 2010 and see the good.

But let's discuss some of the things that have taken place since we parted back in November (gosh that's hard to admit):

First, Jersey Shore.

Are you watching? I can't do it. I can do a lot of things when it comes to lowering my standards, but there is something about this show that absolutely disgusts me. I'm shocked about how big it is and that despite my protest, they still end up in the pages of my US and appearing on my talk shows. Disgusting, but if you disagree, by all means knock yourself out.


I don't have anything new to add to this topic, and mainly that's because after hearing about him and his dozen for nearly a MONTH AND A HALF, I'm surprised that ANYONE has anything else to say! Talk about running something to the ground. I do find it fascinating that the same people who made him in to the "Golf God, Can Do No Wrong, Athlete of the Decade" man, are the same people who are tearing him down and not covering the real issues, i.e., healthcare, wars (plural!), the economy, I can go on...

(But. I do have to add that these pictures are creepy. It's no wonder they weren't released until a sex/porn/stripper/cheating/drug scan-dahl).

Charlie Gibson.

The middle of December marked the end of Charlie Gibson in my everyday life, and yes, as I previously mentioned, it was marked with tears. I was a wreck that night and it's with sadness that I see Diane Sawyer at 5:30pm. I would abandon network world news in protest, but I'm a creature of habit, what can I say?

And finally. Movies.

What did you see over the holidays? Avatar broke a billion, Nancy Meyers released the same movie again, Twilight was still in theaters and 2009 was the best box-office year ever. With all the cutbacks and job losses, we didn't skimp on the movies. But I'm wondering what we all saw that really made us think "that was great." Personally, my favorite movie from the holiday season was The Young Victoria. It was beautiful and Emily Blunt was amazing. But call me crazy, I don't think many people are going to be lining up for a period drama...

So in summation, I'm back. Worse for the wear, as the holiday season/birthday/new year gauntlet always takes it out of me. It does, however, make me re-evaluate and take things in to consideration and hopefully, it gives us something to talk about.

Happy New Year.