Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring: It's Finally Here

Just in the nick of time, Spring is here, and more importantly -- Spring Break (capital "S," capital "B" because you don't realize how wonderful it is until you have it back again).

I mentioned that somehow, through a miracle, I managed to swing a week in Playa Del Carmen, and this time next week, I'll be boarding one of the most heinous plane rides (huge layover in the the Armpit (aka LAX)) and on my way to a week of books on the beach. If I had my way, I'd be doing a little pre-vacation shopping, but alas, it's the real world, so I've turned to the virtual and found the things that I would take in another life.

I love this dress from Parker - it's exactly what I would want for the hot weather and the ruffles shout vacation. Even better though is the racerback, because when you get down to it, I'm not really sweet enough for ruffles, so who am I kidding. It tones it down and adds some reality.

I've been wanting a strapless bikini because I've had way too many summers left sporting that bad tanline that comes with the halter top. There is nothing like going to a wedding and trying to some how cover the lines with self-tanner and make-up. Finally I just have to give up and wear the mark like a scarlet letter.

This suit from J.Crew wins me over with the strips and the light coral. I'm a sucker for the nautical influence and I love the color.

Shorts: so hard. So hard to find a pair that flatters the legs and so hard to find a pair that doesn't make you feel rediculous. I love this pair for some reason and with all these distressed denim trends going on, it's a nice way to pay homage to the trend, without feeling rediculous. These are from Current/Elliott.

I'm also bracing myself for the terrible flight on the way down (what I'll do for a deal...) so comfort is more of a factor than normal. Usually, I try not to dress down for flights, mostly because I like to contribute to the "This is not a bus!" movement, but also because I hate arriving to a new city looking like I just got off a plane, or rather, rolled out of bed. How did those two things become one and the same?

So in this case, I would try to combine two tasks and wear something like this, from my favorite, lululemon.

It's got a sidezip and awesome almost-motocross detail across the shoulder and back. I have the cocoon wrap already, which is similar, but how can you resist this? It's such a good combination of all that is good.

I would also try to pair it with lululemon Go Lightly pants.

I always end up feeling super self-conscious in things that fall in to the category of 4-way stretch or lycra, but sometimes, you've just got to have it. In this case, I love that the pants don't cling to the ankle, almost disguising themselves as ankle length black pants. Paired with a flat, could they look chicer than most? Especially with a jacket like the one above?

So there it is. What I would buy in a perfect world. Regardless, it's Mexico, so I'm a lucky girl.

What's wrong with this picture?

I first flipped by this photo when browsing and then went back to it. For me, all I saw the first time through were the modified Windsor barstools, and it was SO distracting, that I overlooked what is really a beautiful kitchen.

Am I alone in this? Am I overlooking the statement that was trying to be made, but is really just lost on me? Something way better and much less distracting could have been chosen, and then maybe I would have seen the room for what it really is -- beautiful subway tiles, marble, amazing millwork.

Too bad about those barstools.