Monday, November 17, 2008

I Need: Office

I need a desk. Preferably this one.

And bookshelves this massive. Every time I watch episodes of "Sex and the City," I find myself wishing I had a wall big enough for a bad boy like this to hold all my books and magazines, because I am drowning in books. It's out of control, but throwing away books is like asking me to go all Fahrenheit 451, and I just can't. So instead they live in boxes and piles until I can get this.


Somewhere between getting home from work and finishing my DVR'd episode of Gossip Girl, I walked into Bridget Jones' Diary.

I fast-forwarded. I paused. I all-around enjoyed my monday night of Gossip Girl (with about half a bottle of wine). And more importantly, while I welcomed sweats and an unhealthy excitement for teenage melodrama, I saw my roommate off on a "drinks thing" with a promise to break it all down when she got home.

Well, imagine my surprise when I'm interrupted by "guy number two" at my door, complete with a dozen roses and a fatty card bearing her name.

Somehow, she managed to cram two guys into a Monday night, all while I barely made time for network television. I could try to blame a lot of things, but I think that some people just have those lives. Lives where it actually does pour when it rains and roses come unannounced from more men than you can make time for. Some people also make it happen while others get just a little more than they asked for and take it as enough.

I hope "guy number one" was short.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Future Business Leader of America

For some reason, Target is my happy place. Good things come from Target. And even better, if it was a good thing at Pottery Barn or Williams-Sonoma, it will eventually be at Target in a more moderately priced form.

Also, it tends to be a gathering place for the women in my family. I don't know how we do it, but it's as if we have a sixth-sense for each others impending trips and end up converging spontaneously to troll the aisles together. Here we swap minor details of each others lives while pressuring one another into $30 dollar tree skirts, for no other reason than "non-tacky ones are hard to find."

One of the minor details that we swapped today was that my 7-year old nephew starts Chinese next week.

What makes this particularly awesome is that when I asked her why he wants to learn Chinese, my sister looks at me with a completely straight face, barely taking her attention from a discounted plate set, and says, "Because he wants an elevator in his house."

There you have it. My wise guy nephew wants to be rich and at the early age of 7 has figured out that in order to have cool shit when you grow up, you have to know Chinese.

What I love even more is that my sister and her husband didn't try to persuade him. I think it's because, when you get down to it, we are all kicking ourselves for not having the foresight to drop out of French and Spanish and go after the elevator.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Book of Perfection

I'm going to take a peek at Domino's "The Book of Decorating" on Thursday at one of my favorite stores. True, I could have scoped it at any bookstore, but last time I checked you couldn't openly booze there without getting dirty looks.

I hope it's as good as the canapes.

Thank You Earthmuffin

Thank you woman on my bus today for showing me a portion of your breast while feeding your 2-year old.

I can't tell you how much I also appreciated listening to you read children's book after children's book aloud to commuters. Trust me, when you would say "Next page please" I wanted to reach right out and turn it for you. I mean, since your hands were full with your lactating and child-feeding, it's understandable that you would need a little bit of help. Too bad your kid beat me to it.

I should also apologize for the width that my mouth dropped to when, after his morning meal, your "baby" sat up, started conversing and then walked off the bus. I mean, there I was trying to tell myself "oh he's just big for his size," but when he nearly tipped his hat and said "good day" to the driver, I found it hard to zip the lip.

Hot and Modern and Leather All Over

I've owned this set of chairs since college, when I had no real home, just a revolving door of rooms that I shared with as many as 4 girls at a time. Clearly that type of living arrangement wasn't conducive to mid-century modern, so I stored them and knew that one day they'd have their shot at a bright future.

After graduating, I pulled them out of my parents garage and now, everyday I look at the sad butter colored suede covering them and dream of when I will finally have my act together & re-upholster them in a deep, chocolate brown leather. Envisioning what they'll look like when the burnished metal gleams against the rich leather gets me through the sad reality that the suede from once-upon-an-owner is ripping more & more each time an unappreciative house guest sits on them.

Some day, my chairs, some day. Just sit tight and try not to rip anymore.