Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I wish I looked like this walking down the street.

Well, let me clarify that by "this" I don't necessarily mean waif-thin and craggy, but I do wish that the look of total empowerment was all over me like it is on SJP. She's just got that strut.

I think few women ever have a moment where they feel like they look this damn good walking down the street. It's easy to look this amazing when you can go somewhere and not also have to have a bag for a laptop, a pair of comfortable shoes on (because are you kidding me with those heels?) and an additional bag for the rest of your life, aka a purse. A clutch during the daytime? Where would I put my string cheese?

Regardless. You can almost hear the accompanying music to this scene, because it's the same thing that would be playing in my head if I were to ever have a moment where I knew I looked this good.

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